As a California native, surfer and avid scuba diver, designer Baylee Zwart has a special connection to the ocean.

Inspired by the ocean, helping the ocean, AZLEE donates to a different ocean-related cause each season. This Fall/Winter 14' season we are giving to The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA. This amazing organization rescues and rehabilitates marine mammals that are injured or orphaned. Since 1975, their hospital facility has rescued and treated over 18,000 elephant seals, sea lions, whales, sea otters, harbor seals, fur seals, dolphins, harbor porpoises and more – many are threatened and endangered species. Each piece of jewelry sold will provide food to the marine mammals that are being cared for at the Marine Mammal Center. 

We strive to build a relationship with each non-profit we partner with to understand their needs so we can ensure our contributions have impact. As we grow our company and as our sales increase, we plan to fund pertinent projects and initiatives for the non-profit. This provides us with measurable and concrete deliverables. We choose organizations that offer opportunities for the community to get involved, so if our customers want to be involved beyond their purchase, we will link them up with the organization or offer them tips on how they can continue to contribute. 

Thank you for helping these animals, and be proud to tell people what your purchase gave as you rock our jewels.  

To learn more visit the Marine Mammal Center