Coin Meanings

Our Coins, which are designed from the ground up in-house, combine symbols from Ancient Greece, Sicily, Rome and Spain to create new meanings

  • Owl of Athena

    Owl of Athena

    Greek. Owl, symbol of Athena, Goddess of wisdom

    Owl of Athena Signifies

    Higher Wisdom

  • Zodiac


    Roman. Depiction of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, with stars in the center.

    The Zodiac Wheel represents the movement of the heavens

  • Aphrodite


    Greek. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, holds a scale containing two small, winged Erotes (winged gods associated with love). Surrounded by olive branches

    Aphrodite + Olive branches signify Peaceful Love

  • Karkinos


    Greek. Depiction of the crab Karkinos, savior of Hera, surrounded by the sea.

    Crab signifies Bravery & Sacrifice

  • Of the Earth

    Of the Earth

    Greek. Depiction of a rose for the island Rhodes. Surrounded by growing rose buds.

    Rose with Olive Branches signifies Peaceful Love

  • Goddess


    Sicily. Depiction of the goddess Arethusa, nymph of the sea, surrounded by dolphins.

    Goddess signifies Beauty & Strength
    Dolphins signify Love & Guidance

  • Of the Sea

    Of the Sea

    Greek. Depiction of a trident surrounded by dolphins, the sea, and fish.

    The Trident was believed to ward off negativity in Hinduism
    Dolphins signify Love & Guidance

  • Pegasus


    Greek. Depiction of Pegasus, the winged horse.

    Pegasus signifies Wisdom

  • Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom

    Greek & Sicilian. Depiction of a lion surrounded by dolphins. Inscribed with the word “Free”.

    Lion signifies Strength & Power
    Dolphins signify Love & Guidance

  • Compass


    Vintage Compass with the letters “NESW” – North East South West & “Eternity” inscribed.

    Compass signifies the eternal search for direction in our lives

  • Elephante


    Spanish & Sicilian. Depiction of an elephant draped by grape leaves.

    Elephants signify

  • Cosmic


    Roman. Crescent moon depicted
    surrounded by stars

    Symbolizing Dreams