ĀZLEE is redefining luxury beyond traditional ideas of exclusivity of product and indulgence, to include a more responsible approach towards nature. One that is respectful of the delicate balance and finite resources of the ecosystems we inhabit, and mindful of the impact of our actions and consumption.

Reflective of its founder Baylee Zwart’s experience growing up, a love of nature is at ĀZLEE’s core. Majestic landscapes, the strength of the oceans and the beauty of its creatures are a constant source of inspiration for her designs. The tangible decline of the marine ecosystems both locally and globally has motivated Zwart to incorporate sustainability and philanthropy into the brand’s pillars since the beginning.

ĀZLEE’s vision of sustainability includes adherence to these foundational values: impeccable craftsmanship, longevity of design and materials, ethical provenance, and a conscious creative and production process. Each piece is designed and produced locally in Los Angeles by master artisans, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship while supporting the local community and limiting the carbon footprint.

ĀZLEE incorporates carefully sourced materials, including recycled 18k yellow gold, and vintage and ethically sourced diamonds and gems. Recycled 18k gold is increasingly used across the collection, and makes up 100% of Custom ATELIER pieces. ĀZLEE sources exclusively from jewelers who are certified and audited by SRSP (Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol) and RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). This lessens its reliance on mined metals and promotes a more ethical supply chain.

An expert in rare stones and gems, Zwart mostly works with vintage and post-consumer diamonds and gemstones. Melee and large diamonds used in the collection are ethically sourced and certified, adhering to the Kimberly process, an international certification scheme which regulates the trade of rough diamonds. In an effort to make provenance completely traceable, ĀZLEE partners with Ocean Diamonds, a new category of diamonds sourced from the ocean through a completely transparent process that requires less human intervention and ecosystem disruption.

ĀZLEE aims to additionally reduce and offset its environmental impact through philanthropic initiatives, donating a portion of each sale to support non-profits involved in ocean protection and conservation. Among these organizations are The Marine Mammal Center, Surfrider Foundation, Oceana, Sea Legacy and Heal the Bay.

Zwart is constantly refining ĀZLEE’s production and sourcing practices in an effort to achieve full sustainability and transparency. This intention informs all new initiatives across the brand, inspiring continuous learning and innovation, crafting a new future for the fine jewelry industry.